• Where is Skyridge Doodles located?

    We are located in beautiful Mapleton, Utah which is a short drive from both airports. Our home sits on an acre with a big garden and orchard with beautiful views of the mountains in our backyard.. Our dogs and  puppies have lots of room to play as they grow! 

  • How long have you been breeding dogs?

    We have been hobby dog breeders for over 20 years and have bred various breeds of dogs over the years but recently fell in love with the doodle mix and more specifically with the Aussie and Golden mixed breed.  You simply can not beat their awesome dispositions and all the best qualities of both breeds but with the non -shedding factor!  We are in love and plan to breed these two mixes for many years to come! 

  • How big do your puppies get?

    Our puppies range in 15-30 lbs fully grown just depending on the parents size and which puppy in the litter is picked.  We will have toy size by spring of ‘21.

  • When can I take my new puppy home?

    We keep our puppies until 8 weeks old for health and socialization reasons.  They can come home to you anytime after 8 weeks. 8 weeks seems to be the perfect age to transition to their new homes.

  • Do you fly your puppies solo?

    No, we will not put our puppies on a cargo flight.  It is too stressful for the puppies and we will not do it.  We will meet you at the airport to pick up your puppy, or we welcome families to our home to pick up their puppy.  We also offer a nanny service for an additional cost to fly your puppy in cabin with one of our family members  to your airport choice.  

  • What airport would we fly into to pick up our puppy?

    We are close to Salt Lake City International airport or Provo Airport.  We are happy to meet you at either airport with your little bundle of love!

  • Do you take deposits to reserve puppies?

    Yes, we require a $500 nonrefundable deposit to reserve a picking litter spot on future puppies.  If you are wanting a specific color or sex and we do not produce that in the litter deposited on, we will transfer that deposit to the next available litter.

  • What form of payments do you accept?

    We prefer Venmo.  We do accept credit cards or Paypal but do charge a 3.5% processing fee if used.  

  • Do you offer financing?

    We accept paypal credit.  They offer a 6 month 0% interest credit line of credit which you would need to apply for through Paypal.